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We’re happy to answer your questions about our tropical fruit boxes and assist you with your order. Please fill out this form, and we wlll get back to you as soon as we can, thanks.

  • Where does my fruit come from?
    We grow our own papaya, bananas, chocolate sapote, and other fruits. We also source fruit from the best tropical fruit growers in Northland, who share our values and commitments to Aotearoa Grown.
  • When is the fruit picked?
    We pick when the fruit is ripening, to allow the best conditions for travel to you. Tropical fruits will continue to ripen on your kitchen bench, to ensure the freshest tastes for you.
  • Is the fruit sprayed?
    Most of our fruit is spray free. Our bananas, papayas and pineapples are never sprayed. Some of our fruit, like avocados, are sprayed as part of a management programme. Our avocado grower is GAP certified to ensure the highest quality safety management of sprays and consumer health standards.
  • My fruit looks a bit quirky – does this matter?
    Because we grow with nature, and grow with aroha, our fruit is kissed by the sun and the wind. Sometimes it grows in some interesting shapes. We pick and pack with care, to ensure you’re getting the best fruit and the best taste. Rub marks from the plants leaves on the skin of the fruit does not alter the delicious taste of the fruit. It’s confirmation that it’s Aotearoa Grown, in our conditions – in our wind and sunshine.
  • Can I make a bespoke box?
    Yes, send us an email and let's chat
  • Do you supply restaurants, or caterers, or special events?
    Yes we can, send us an email and let's talk about how we can help you.
  • I’m a grower too – can we talk?
    Yes, contact us at, and let’s chat. You need to be registered under the Food Act.
  • Can I buy gift vouchers?
    Yes you can – you can find gift vouchers in our shop.
  • Can I grow my own tropical fruit?
    Yes, you can. You can find a full range of tropical fruit trees at our sister store
  • Is your packaging compostable, biodegradable and recyclable?
    Yes! Our boxes are made using 72% recycled cardboard, are sustainably sourced, and are fully compostable, biodegradable and recyclable. The Wood Wool that protects your fruit is also fully compostable, biodegradable and recyclable. Did you know that worms love corrugated cardboard? Youi can use it as a weed barrier under mulch, it’s great for your garden.
  • Where do you deliver?
    We work with Aramex couriers, who deliver nationwide, direct to your door. Shipping costs are calculated at checkout. Search your address in the shipping tool, and you can confirm that we can deliver to you. We can't ship to a PO Box, so please identify a street delivery address, thanks.
  • How much does shipping cost?
    Shipping is calculated at checkout, and depends on where you live.
  • When will my fruit box arrive?
    We ship on Mondays and Tuesdays, and ship as quickly as possible to ensure that the fruit arrives to you in the best condition. You will receive a tracking number with the confirmation of your order. All orders received by 5pm on Sunday will be sent on Monday. Orders received by 5pm on Monday will be sent on Tuesday. Public holidays that occur on Monday will mean that we don’t ship until Tuesday. If you order from the South Island in a short week that includes a public holiday, we will delay the delivery of your order until the following week
  • What if my fruit box is damaged, or gets lost?
    We have purpose-built strong boxes to protect your fruit, and to ensure they arrive safely to you. If the box is damaged, please take a photo and contact us immediately, and we will work out what to do to get things sorted. If your order hasn’t arrived when it should have, contact us to sort out the problem.
  • What about my data privacy?
    By using this website and/or making a purchase, you agree to our use and retention of relevant personal information. We do not share in any way (or sell, or trade) any customer information with anyone, ever.





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